Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Morning moments.

Spread liberally on toast, muffin, pear or brie.

I woke up at 6:40 this morning (after pressing the snooze button twice), showered, clumsily applied some makeup and hopped into the car to get to school. Still a bit intoxicated from the night before, I was anything but coherent, blabbering nonsense while M drove us in her little car. Upon arrival, I marched towards the lab where I work, did an hour of "lab maintenance", and proceeded to float off to an on-campus coffee shop for a good dose of caffeine. When I saw the blueberry bran muffin in the display case, I could not resist--so much for a gluten-free diet. And then, instead of staying on campus, I drove home, excited to indulge in my guilty pleasures along with a cigarette (another guilty pleasure, I suppose).

I've despised butter (and whipped cream, agh) since I was a little girl, and the only way my mother could make me eat my breakfast toast was by handing me a jar of jam (either that or a scoop of fermented soybeans to complement a bowl of rice). Until I started skipping breakfast entirely--around age 12--apricot jam was my favorite. Recently, I've been eating everything with this fig spread. I've been in love with its texture and subtle sweetness ever since I sampled it at Whole Foods. It gives brie a nice amber coating that looks and tastes delicious. But, as I found out a few moments ago, it also works wonderfully with blueberry bran muffins.

Said muffin, full of guilt.

Happy Tuesday, friends.

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