Sunday, March 13, 2011

No fire required.

A few snaps from the weekend of ceviche + wine.

Raw shrimp tossed in a generous amount of crushed pepper.
Red onions, cilantro, habanero, cucumber and tomatoes.
I consumed three times this amount.
Making ceviche was fun and very, very easy. The hardest part was squeezing out the juice from the limes. We had two full bags of them--many of which were highly uncooperative--and no lemon squeezer :/ The lime is the most important part of ceviche, as it is used to soak the shrimp and cook them. The resulting plump texture of the shrimp is irresistibly good, though, and was very well worth the pains of inhaling habanero and onion fumes, as well as burning my hands with the citrus juice.

Crazy-hot Ceviche (recipe from J)
Raw shrimp
Squeezed lime juice (enough to soak the shrimp)
Tomatoes, diced
Cucumber, diced
Red onions, diced
Cilantro, chopped
Habanero pepper (as many as you can handle--shouldn't be very many)
Crushed red pepper
Salt and pepper

1. Remove the shells from the raw shrimp.
2. Toss shrimp in a generous amount of salt, pepper and crushed peppers in some sort of container.
3. Squeeze the limes and pour the juice over the shrimp. Massage with care.
4. In a separate bowl, combine all of the vegetables with cilantro and habanero.
5. Let the shrimp sit for an hour, or until they turn a little pink. Mix in the powerful salad mix.
6. Serve on tostadas.
7. Pair with wine (or even better, sangria).
8. Eat happy.

Mmmm, first final tomorrow. Time to hit the books.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Colossal balls.

I woke up feeling completely shriveled and slightly hung over. My entire outfit from the night before (boots and all) clung onto my body, bunched in all the wrong places from when I tossed and turned from the ineluctable discomfort caused by excessive intoxication.
I am a terrible student. I had made plans to study this weekend, but accomplished none of the readings or work problems I had set my heart to do. Instead, I had wine and home made ceviche--which, by the way, is now one of my favorite dishes--followed by a few games of jumbling tower and an excursion to A's dancesport competition(followed by the after party). But this is not to say that I didn't absolutely love every minute of this weekend. On Friday, I spent quality time with my housemates discussing our school-related woes (mainly mine) while consuming an impressive amount of wine. I was beyond ecstatic to see A dance with the formation team on Saturday, and even more so when he received the trophy for 1st place with M. Socializing and talking to strange boys in fitted overalls at the party was also quite fun. It's just that paying for the consequences of my own decisions has never been easy for me.
At this point I have given up on the possibility of getting any studying done, which throws tomorrow's organic chemistry quiz out the window. My textbook has been open on the same page all day, conveniently functioning as a place mat and a way to keep cookie crumbs from falling in between the tiles of our dining table.
Oh yes, cookies. I've had enough of these things to satisfy even the cookie monster. Thanks, girl scouts.

This is where I surrender and begin looking for a tutor. I wonder what kind of selfless human being is willing to sacrifice their time to such a hopeless case as myself.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing hooky.

I woke up promptly at 7:00 this morning and drove myself to school on time. But the moment I stepped afoot on campus, I realized I was starving. And after falling asleep for an entire metabolics lecture, it was decidedly far too difficult for me to stay on campus without any food or sleep (despite the massive nap I had just taken in a lecture hall)--so I drove right back home.
It's a terrible habit, and the fact that it is Friday today is not a valid excuse, but.. I'm going to use it anyway. The beginning of a weekend warrants fun and relaxation.

While driving away from campus, I was freakishly famished and had only one thing on my mind--the now ripened 19 cent bananas sitting in my kitchen. I arrived home and was fully capable of inhaling the two yellow delicacies in one gulp, but quickly decided against it. Food feels more filling when you take a bit of time to prepare it. After a quick breakfast, I proceeded to pamper myself with a few episodes of the Simpsons with A, who has every season on hand and a ridiculously comfy bed to accommodate the perfect lazy-morning hangout.

Breakfast parfait
A chunk of banana, diced
Some frozen blueberries (or fresh, if you can afford them)
Agave nectar (or honey, or just sugar)
Plain yogurt
A touch of Granny's Apple Granola from Trader Joe's.

1. Fill a cup with as much yogurt as you are prepared to eat.
2. Drizzle a bit of nectar in, mix well.
3. Toss in banana pieces and blueberries.
4. Sprinkle granola on top.
5. Pick up a spoon and eat happy.

Weather worth skipping school for.
The bananas are in hiding.
Happy Friday, world!
love, c.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bankrupcy, gourmet salads.

Due to an accumulation of bills (rent, utilities, parking ticket and speeding ticket), my bank account has recently become an extremely sad sight. To make matters worse, for the past few months I have been a food-gobbling mess, ignoring my health-conscious ways and eating my worries away.
It has been rough, but I'm getting better.

First off, I started job-hunting. I updated my year-old resume and drove around town looking for "Positions Available" signs, and filled out a ton of online applications. Not much luck with that. However, I may have possibly found a job at Victoria's Secret, thanks to M who walked me in to the store and vouched for me as I scribbled out an application as neatly as possible. Hopefully they'll hire me, and I can take this opportunity to get in touch with my feminine side (:

Secondly, I've gone back to budgeting my food expenses and cooking everything I consume. Eating out is always expensive, and never completely satisfying anyway. I made myself a fancy-looking salad for brunch today, and it was quite delicious if I do say so myself.

Fruit + bleu cheese salad
A large fistful of spinach
1 pear, thinly sliced
1/2 orange, peeled and cut into bite size pieces
1/4 orange wedge
As much crumbled bleu cheese as your heart desires
1 tablespoon of Trader Joe's whole grain dijon mustard
A touch of black pepper

1. Toss spinach, pear, and orange pieces into a bowl.
2. In a separate bowl, squeeze the juice out of the orange wedge and mix with mustard (and maybe a bit of olive oil if you have any).
3. Combine dressing with salad, sprinkle a bit of black pepper, toss.
4. Crumble/grate cheese onto salad.
5. Eat happy.

Time to hit the books once my food coma goes away.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The world danced at me.

I sat up in my bed and felt the knots in my shoulders and the tender bruise on my knee. Physically, I was exhausted. However, mentally I felt refreshed and possibly even reborn.

The night before, we had walked in the rain for hours, admiring the reflections of the street lights in the wet cement and the never-ending night sky who was bright and beautiful despite the weather. Two hours into the night, having been pulled away from my physical body--my perspective became abstract, floating through the world as if I were part of the air I breathe.
On this night, I skipped for long periods of time. I felt as though this movement shook off all of the excessive thoughts and worries I had been burdening myself with for the past quarter. I was delighted by the flowers that reached forward to greet me, the breathing trees and slithering of the shadows. The world and I hung out, and we had a good time.

It was a long Saturday night, but worth it. Attempting to organize my life in regards to school and my future had been complicated by the sloppy mess of ideas I had thrown out over the past few weeks. Now that I've emptied that all out, I can have a fresh start.
I will kick ass this quarter.