Sunday, March 13, 2011

No fire required.

A few snaps from the weekend of ceviche + wine.

Raw shrimp tossed in a generous amount of crushed pepper.
Red onions, cilantro, habanero, cucumber and tomatoes.
I consumed three times this amount.
Making ceviche was fun and very, very easy. The hardest part was squeezing out the juice from the limes. We had two full bags of them--many of which were highly uncooperative--and no lemon squeezer :/ The lime is the most important part of ceviche, as it is used to soak the shrimp and cook them. The resulting plump texture of the shrimp is irresistibly good, though, and was very well worth the pains of inhaling habanero and onion fumes, as well as burning my hands with the citrus juice.

Crazy-hot Ceviche (recipe from J)
Raw shrimp
Squeezed lime juice (enough to soak the shrimp)
Tomatoes, diced
Cucumber, diced
Red onions, diced
Cilantro, chopped
Habanero pepper (as many as you can handle--shouldn't be very many)
Crushed red pepper
Salt and pepper

1. Remove the shells from the raw shrimp.
2. Toss shrimp in a generous amount of salt, pepper and crushed peppers in some sort of container.
3. Squeeze the limes and pour the juice over the shrimp. Massage with care.
4. In a separate bowl, combine all of the vegetables with cilantro and habanero.
5. Let the shrimp sit for an hour, or until they turn a little pink. Mix in the powerful salad mix.
6. Serve on tostadas.
7. Pair with wine (or even better, sangria).
8. Eat happy.

Mmmm, first final tomorrow. Time to hit the books.

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