Friday, March 4, 2011

Playing hooky.

I woke up promptly at 7:00 this morning and drove myself to school on time. But the moment I stepped afoot on campus, I realized I was starving. And after falling asleep for an entire metabolics lecture, it was decidedly far too difficult for me to stay on campus without any food or sleep (despite the massive nap I had just taken in a lecture hall)--so I drove right back home.
It's a terrible habit, and the fact that it is Friday today is not a valid excuse, but.. I'm going to use it anyway. The beginning of a weekend warrants fun and relaxation.

While driving away from campus, I was freakishly famished and had only one thing on my mind--the now ripened 19 cent bananas sitting in my kitchen. I arrived home and was fully capable of inhaling the two yellow delicacies in one gulp, but quickly decided against it. Food feels more filling when you take a bit of time to prepare it. After a quick breakfast, I proceeded to pamper myself with a few episodes of the Simpsons with A, who has every season on hand and a ridiculously comfy bed to accommodate the perfect lazy-morning hangout.

Breakfast parfait
A chunk of banana, diced
Some frozen blueberries (or fresh, if you can afford them)
Agave nectar (or honey, or just sugar)
Plain yogurt
A touch of Granny's Apple Granola from Trader Joe's.

1. Fill a cup with as much yogurt as you are prepared to eat.
2. Drizzle a bit of nectar in, mix well.
3. Toss in banana pieces and blueberries.
4. Sprinkle granola on top.
5. Pick up a spoon and eat happy.

Weather worth skipping school for.
The bananas are in hiding.
Happy Friday, world!
love, c.

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