Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The world danced at me.

I sat up in my bed and felt the knots in my shoulders and the tender bruise on my knee. Physically, I was exhausted. However, mentally I felt refreshed and possibly even reborn.

The night before, we had walked in the rain for hours, admiring the reflections of the street lights in the wet cement and the never-ending night sky who was bright and beautiful despite the weather. Two hours into the night, having been pulled away from my physical body--my perspective became abstract, floating through the world as if I were part of the air I breathe.
On this night, I skipped for long periods of time. I felt as though this movement shook off all of the excessive thoughts and worries I had been burdening myself with for the past quarter. I was delighted by the flowers that reached forward to greet me, the breathing trees and slithering of the shadows. The world and I hung out, and we had a good time.

It was a long Saturday night, but worth it. Attempting to organize my life in regards to school and my future had been complicated by the sloppy mess of ideas I had thrown out over the past few weeks. Now that I've emptied that all out, I can have a fresh start.
I will kick ass this quarter.


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