Thursday, August 18, 2011

Back to Korea.

I  went to LA yesterday to have some quality tlc time.
Driving into Korea Town always feels surreal to me, because all of a sudden any trace of American culture disappears from my line of vision. I walk into restaurants, greet elders with "an nyoung ha seh yo~" and smile politely while T completes the rest of the conversation in Korean. Soju takes up more than half of the menu at the bar, and every meal you're served is bright red. It's nice.
I really, really missed eating asian food. I don't have too many complaints about my San Diegan burrito diet, but nothing says comfort like rice, spicy, and pickled veggies.

Waiting for spicy to happen (love, love banchan!)


Thank you for doing all the cooking, ummah.

Our day consisted of Sara Bareilles, spicy food, gossip, chats about our life plans, then a beach adventure at 1 a.m. We watched the night lights of Venice beach while sitting on a swing and letting our feet graze the cold sand. It made for an enchanting night.
With any of us, no matter how much time has passed, our friendship almost immediately falls back into place. We've definitely grown up and there may be lots of catching up to do, but it's always "the usual". And that's how I like it to be.
I miss them already.

Swings, I love.

Toes in the sand, trash in the can.
Wishing everyone quality time with their favorites.
love, c.

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