Monday, August 8, 2011

Now when the sun come up

I'll be there to say what up!
(I've been listening to Kid Cudi on repeat for about an hour now).

This past Saturday, I was graced with the opportunity to attend an info session for a nutrition-related career. I woke up bright and early and drove out to the Sheraton in Mission Valley, only to find out I had been invited to a live action infomercial for Herbalife. Despite the free goodie bag that I received, I couldn't help but feel cheated out of what could have been a wonderful sleep into my Saturday morning. I had spent so much time planning a semi-formal outfit for this possible job opportunity; I was all hot and bothered when I found out that it was just a pyramid scam.
What made my day better, though, was coming home to a free on-campus barbeque. It felt nice, for once, to be the early bird that catches the worm (: I ran home and woke up IZ from the slumbers of sleep to score some free veggie burgers complete with toasted buns, lettuce, tomato, avocado slices and muenster cheese. We also tie-dyed t-shirts and did a bit of painting. 
Ah, the joys of summer.

Woke up just in time for burgers.

Happy to eat slightly-gourmet burgers!

My contribution to the wall painting.
Hope everyone else is enjoying lots of sun this summer!
love, c.

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