Tuesday, October 18, 2011

A change of pace.

This past weekend, I attended a Sunday Supper with my new flatmates and friends. I dug out my little black dress and heels out of the closet, put my hair in curls, and stained my lips with a little color. 

A few pictures from the event, taken by A.

Our table full of my gorgeous girls.
Full and happy (:

I feel like it has been so long since I've gotten dolled up and gone anywhere. My peep-toe heels that I purchased during my 18 year-old clubbing phase came in rather handy. Albeit with dining dollars, that was the first time I had ever made reservations for a dinner with a lovely group of girls. 
I loved that everyone at the event was dressed so classy and cute. A refreshing change from the usual form-fitting miniskirts + bursting cleavage outfits that bombard a weekend party (although I, too, am guilty of that).
Anyway, it was a very nice Sunday. There was much music and dancing to be enjoyed, as well as fun conversation over a hearty, Thanksgiving-themed dinner--the butternut squash and apple soup was absolutely delicious. The food coma that quickly ensued brought me to a restful sleep later that night.

I hope the rest of the world had a lovely weekend.
love, c.

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