Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hot and sour.

Please excuse the lack of updates! I've been quite busy with school, work, play, and being highly emotional about little things.
I'm really thankful for the new friends I have made this year. My flatmates are awesome, and so much more than I expected them to be. We've already had so many fun times together, and they've really been there for me when I needed support. It makes me sad to think that some of them must leave the U.S. after this school year, but I already feel that I have made friends for life.

Currently, I am sick, in the literal sense. My lymph nodes are tender and my joints ache.
I'm also quite home sick, maybe because I stayed home this Thanksgiving while my friends went home to have a feast with their loved ones. They came home glowing, with the kind of happiness that you can only emit after you've spent some time being pampered by family and old friends. I, too, am sporting a rosy glow, but from my mild fever. I must admit, it's a good look for the holiday season.

Lovely photos by A, again.

With C and M. (I adore my scarf, even if it looks like a neck brace)

With C, my favo. (P.S. smoking does not ease sickness)

I've been drinking hot lemonade for the past 24 hours in hopes that the C vitamins will act as a cure-all for all of my woes. I've been squeezing the life out of the lemons W generously brought back from her lemon tree at home. It kind of tastes like theraflu, which is appropriate for the occasion.

Theraflu-esque Hot Lemonade
2 whole lemons, the sweeter the better.
Enough honey to cover the bottom of your cup, or more.
Hot water
More honey or agave to taste.

1. Drizzle honey into the bottom of your cup/mug.
2. Slice lemons into wedges, squeeze juices into said cup/mug.
3. Use a strainer if you dislike pulp.
4. Use a spoon to scratch the pulp into the cup, if you're into that. (I'm into that.)
5. Pour hot water into cup.
6. Have a cheeky little taste; add more honey or agave to sweeten.
7. Sip slowly, and cozy up.

I haven't posted any recipes in a long time, sorry this one is such a messy one.
Hope the rest of the world feels nice and healthy--take care of yourselves, please.

love, c.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Makes me miss you more.

I'm sorry I couldn't be with you today baby. Just know that I'm super thankful to have a girlfriend like you. Can't wait to see you.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chocolate x Chocolate

It's flu season! C and N are down sick, and I'm not feeling too well either. Aside from delivering medicine and comfort foods to my poor friends, I decided to spend the day seeking refuge in the warmth of my bed with Aristotle as a loyal companion.

Aristotle, in the middle.
Now I'm back at the Tranquilo house again, which has adopted a new retro-feel couch (: Its arrival has been long overdue. Currently enjoying THC-infused hot chocolate and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. What a sweet, sweet Tuesday.

Hope everyone's lives are filled with love and chocolate.
love, c.

Suck it up, brah.

C: Why aren't you here!?
C: Pretty sure I'm gonna die.
N: Haha, you'll be fine.

Monday, November 7, 2011

A nice walk.

Parking on campus is free on the weekends, hoorah. But on Monday mornings at 8 a.m. sharp, officers begin to neatly place expensive tickets on your windshield, always accompanied by a hideously bright orange envelope. The only way to avoid this is to hang a little plastic parking permit on your rear-view mirror, but because I only use my car on the weekends, purchasing a $732 annual parking permit is certainly out of question. 
I often dread having to move my car off-campus on Sunday nights. Often times it is much too dark and cold to do alone, but also such a huge favor to ask of a roommate who is curled up cozily on the the couch. However, at the end of my Sunday, I always find myself enjoying the ten-minute walk back to my apartment after giving my car a kiss goodbye for the week. It gives me a moment to organize my mental planner, construct a to-do list or write fragments of a blog. Or to daydream.
Within the four walls of my room, my worries only linger and leave me feeling helpless. But while walking through the darkness back to the warmth of what I now call home, those thoughts escape. And I feel a little less frightened to combat in the war that is the Monday Blues.

Hope everyone starts their week on a good note (:
love, c.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Waiting for the day to change its course.

When I received my midterm back in my anthropology lecture today, I was embarrassed. I didn't want anyone to peek over my shoulder and see how many red marks lined up on my scantron, or how small and sad the numerator looked over the large, pompous denominator. And then I wandered over to the next campus to pick up my cell bio midterm, foolishly hoping that it would brighten up my day. Oh, how wrong I was. I sped back to my apartment on foot, popped a bag of popcorn, chomped through it until its butter coating made me nauseated, stripped down to my underwear and curled up in bed.

And here I am.

I feel sick. I devote 80% of my daily life to school, and I definitely spent an entire week studying for three midterms that all came back to tell me that none of that was enough. When is it ever, I guess. 
I want this to be over.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween!

My pumpkin costume may possibly be my best purchase I've ever made.
Photos courtesy of A.

With our beloved house plants.
Distracted schoolgirl and Sad pumpkin

Wishing the world lots of candy and zero consequential damages to their teeth!
love, c.

Strange, hopeless.

There's something about cigarettes that I find oddly romantic.
I have a soft spot for sharing them with friends and strangers alike, to initiate a pleasant conversation or a comfortable silence to pass the time. Today there is a thick blanket of fog covering La Jolla, and I watched the smoke I exhaled dissipate into the white surrounding me. It was pretty, and an experience that harshly contrasts with the typical sit-in-smoke-while-smoking that you experience during midterms week on campus. Somehow I want to leave my cancer circle experiences all beautiful, so maybe it's time to quit soon, while my memory of the pretty smoke floating away is still vivid in my mind.
I also have a strange liking for drinking wine. Recently I've been thinking that it may not even be the wine itself, really, just the wine glasses. Although I do love the coziness of a wine buzz. Perhaps I'll have a glass of milk in a wine glass and see if it's just as romantic.

Sorry for the jibber-jabber.
love, c.