Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Strange, hopeless.

There's something about cigarettes that I find oddly romantic.
I have a soft spot for sharing them with friends and strangers alike, to initiate a pleasant conversation or a comfortable silence to pass the time. Today there is a thick blanket of fog covering La Jolla, and I watched the smoke I exhaled dissipate into the white surrounding me. It was pretty, and an experience that harshly contrasts with the typical sit-in-smoke-while-smoking that you experience during midterms week on campus. Somehow I want to leave my cancer circle experiences all beautiful, so maybe it's time to quit soon, while my memory of the pretty smoke floating away is still vivid in my mind.
I also have a strange liking for drinking wine. Recently I've been thinking that it may not even be the wine itself, really, just the wine glasses. Although I do love the coziness of a wine buzz. Perhaps I'll have a glass of milk in a wine glass and see if it's just as romantic.

Sorry for the jibber-jabber.
love, c.

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  1. Wine and Cigarettes - best combo. with company, on top of the laundry room. Next time, I'll bring the wine.