Thursday, February 23, 2012


My mind is doing a lot of wandering today. I'm not the least bit intoxicated, save for the bit of tobacco and nicotine I inhaled with Ce in the morning.
For the past 10 minutes I've been sitting outside of Solis Hall, I have observed that a crow's gait is similar to a that of a duck. It's a bit waddle-y, goofy and endearing. Unfortunately, due to their dark appearance and greater brain capacity (compared to ducks that quack) they have become an object of fear and misfortune. They're not so bad, really. I could say they're kind of pretty or handsome, even. If we'd just let them go about their business and cover our trash bins when we put them outside, they wouldn't have to be such a nuisance.

There's a part of me that regrets letting my anger subside so quickly to love and empathy. I have done this before, and in the past it was clearly a mistake. I've done it again, but this time I feel that I acted correctly. But I am left in anguish as my arguments seem to have little conviction if I remove my emotions entirely. This is obvious and so cliche to say, but it truly is difficult to be objective when you're wrapped up in it.
No one knows what this means but I don't care.

I would really like to finish writing my sociology paper today. It has been lingering on my weekly agendas for far too long.

Wishing everyone a productive afternoon.
Love, c.

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