Sunday, February 5, 2012

Every day.

I spent a lovely day with my friends half-watching the Super Bowl, picking at the pineapples on my Hawaiian pizza and indulging in some jell-o shots. I've never warmed up to jell-o shots. After chewing through the taste of vodka, I always long for a normal cube of jell-o to drop into a champagne flute.
Did anyone watch the half time show today? I loved seeing Cee Lo Green, completely dapper in his fully-sequined black robe. 

C: Cee Lo is so cuddly and so sparkly! Just the cutest.
N: Hahahaha yes. Like a star-studded blek bear.

Now that the day is almost over, it's finally time for me to put the finishing touches on this paper. Sunday procrastination is just the best (:

Also, this:

Please don't let the Monday Blues get you. I have certainly fallen victim to it on multiple occasions, but I feel like seeing this can change that.

Happy Sunday, everyone.
love, c.

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