Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Wake me up, before you gogogogo

No one is capable of waking me up any more except myself. Ce has spent the past two mornings giving me numerous phone calls and heytells, but alas they have been proven ineffective. It's awful.

After threatening to punch her in an ungrateful, child-like morning tantrum, I left the house sans makeup to split her last cigarette. 
As we smoked I could feel her rush to leave--she spoke quickly and mentioned that she wanted to make it to class on time. Half asleep still, all I could do was sit on the curb and poke at the roly poly in front of me with a piece of grass I had belligerently pulled from the ground.

It's funny, how much dedication I had once put into collecting roly polies and placing them in small houses made of leaves as a 7 year-old. I also used to chase baby frogs in the forest and consequently end up with awful splinters and hives from unknown plants, all in the name of having a small pet.
Now I can barely touch anything with my bare hands. I've become delicate and prissy, but in this sunlight and soft breeze, such fact fortunately does not bother me enough to reconsider how I've grown apart from my innocence and desire to fill my life with tiny, germ-infested organisms.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.
love, c.

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