Sunday, April 22, 2012

Motion sickness, possibly.

This past weekend has been a vicious cycle of haze followed by blur followed by nausea followed by haze followed by blur followed by nausea.

Naturally, such cycle would be attributed simply to an excessive consumption of substances.
I will not deny that.
But I can also say that I have been on quite an emotional roller coaster recently, which adds to the shaking of my center of gravity and dizziness and so-forth, anything that causes the insides of my brain to be jumbled. It is both bodily and mental, this nausea.
There have been awful moments, but all of these feelings I'm feeling are just part of living and being the warm, apparently emotionally messy human being that I am. In retrospect, the messiness is entertaining. I think I prefer that to being cold-cut and robotic.
(There is a part of me that thought of turkey as I typed cold-cut.)
(This is a slight allusion to the Zach Galifianakis joke, "I'm quitting cold turkey.")

Wha. via

My eventful weekend ended with me chirping my heart out on i-walk whilst being belligerently intoxicated, thanks to whatever alcoholic smoothie I had been fed earlier that night. It was delicious and chocolate-flavored, might I add.
Thank you to all of my darling friends for making me feel loved. I can never say this enough, it seems, but I am truly lucky to have you guys.

Happy Sunday, world.
love, c.

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