Sunday, May 6, 2012

Missed the boat.

My friends and I attended a dry campus dance along with a handful of 18 year-olds in hopes of spending some quality time together on a nice cruise. As it turns out, there was no boat to begin with. But they did kindly provide a shuttle to send us to our destination--the ferry station.
The moment we arrived, A and I devoured a plate full of quesadillas while we bounced around to the music. We were consumed with hunger for the first hour. We later held our positions in front of the chocolate fountain with skewers full of strawberries and bananas.
While Ce and W spent their evening gambling, A and I eventually wandered over to the dance floor to observe our much younger counterparts get their freak on. The four of us took frequent breaks from our respective activities to take tons of pictures in a photo booth.
So despite the initial disappointment of having to stay on land, we had our share of fun.

In a few hours, I will be forced to face the tragedy that is my three loads of laundry and a paper due on Monday.

Wishing everyone a fun and eventful weekend!
love, c.

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