Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Up, up and away.

V just moved out after crashing my place for two weeks. As much as I'll miss his company (and home-cooked meals) (seriously), it's nice to have the flat all to myself again. Nothing is better than hanging out in your underwear when you get home.
On another note, I think I've officially started running again. (I say "I think", because I can never tell how long my resolutions will truly last.) My first two runs have been embarrassingly short, but alas, such are the consequences of smoking. Despite such pains, I'm just really happy to throw my running gear on again. They make my short excursions to the beach and around my neighborhood feel like such an outdoorsy adventure. 
There's something to be said about how liberating running shoes can be. As someone who typically wears flats or little wedged sandals on a daily basis, at times I am a bit resentful that female fashion limits the physical activity I can participate in at any given moment. With running shoes, you can run, dance and climb in places your dainty shoes would like to avoid.
Of course, I can still attempt to break out into a sprint no matter what I'm wearing. But the last time I spontaneously decided to play basketball in my boots, the heel broke. It was sad.
Perhaps it is time to invest in a nice pair of sneakers. 

All by my seeeeeeeelf.

Wishing everyone a pleasant Tuesday.
love, c.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Yolkinator.

V really enjoys practicing his workout moves and sharing his gym experiences with me. Perhaps I should return to my daily gym trips. After all, I am quite fond of listening to my playlist full of outdated middle school rock, even as I run on the treadmill and feel my face turn sweaty and beet red within minutes.
I'm going to let that idea float about while I have a few drinks in Hillcrest..

In my new raglan and necklace!

Happy Thursday, world.
love, c.

My meme.

B-aaaaa-ck, get it?
Thank you, A.
love, c.

Club Wednesday continues..

As I type this, the haze is slowly lifting.
It's always a nice to spend a night watching ridiculous tv with IZ, passing a bottle of wine to and fro while our conversation bounces from school to dating to gossip to the agony of the slowly passing jokes on Family Guy. Faux bored housewives, I guess.
On such nights one must be prepared for a spontaneous excursion to a nearby burrito shop.

Mi muy bonita.
It is safe to say that I've missed her and our couch potato times. And it was worth every tear that was shed after I threw my face against my driver's side window whilst trying to park the car at her place.

Happy Thursday y'alls, and good night.
love, c.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

"Wanna hear something cheesy?

I won't repeat myself.
I thought I know what friendship was, what it meant to be close friends. But I didn't. I thought I did. Till I met you. Now I know.
I have had a lot of friends, close friends I thought but I think the American collage life make people close. Closer than Swedish Uni friends. Thank you for that.
I'm out."

Permanently stored on the internet, tehee.

o_o and :>

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

To save the world, among other things.

It's too soon to tell, but I think this may be what I want to do with my future:

Sociology has been an enlightening field of study, to say the least. I've learned so much more about my world, which is simultaneously a wonderful and difficult place to live in. I leave my classes with new knowledge and angry thoughts about our education system and whether I'd trust it with my own future children, capitalism and whether I'm going to be unjustly exploited with a BA in humanities, excessive media influences that make us all feel awful about our bodies, the list goes on, but ultimately what am I going to do about it
Spread the word, first of all. It helps for myself and others to be aware. And second, I think I actually want to change things through government policies. I'm not sure I know what the occupation entails entirely.. I honestly don't know enough about anything yet to state anything specific, so I'll leave it at that. 
And now it is time for tea and my egg-avocado-bagel sandwich.

Tea time with my cups from China Town.
Happy Tuesday, everyone.
love, c.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Bread, cheese and blueberries.

Good morning, world.
I woke up exhausted so I'm doing all the relaxing I can squeeze into this morning before my afternoon class. There's Marvin Gaye in the background, iced coffee in my hand, and a platter of burnt bread (either the oven hates me or I got too excited with the temperature..) with blueberries and honey goat cheese.

I think I need to start putting myself to bed earlier. Alas, the grandma transformation begins!

love, c.

Monday, July 2, 2012

Wine and fruit.

I can always count on one person to drop by and make my night.
Did I mention I have wonderful friends?

School starts tomorrow. I'm stoked.
Japan in the winter and Korea in 2015. Future plans make me giddy. Time to seriously start applying for jobs (:

Wishing everyone an exciting summer.
love, c.