Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Up, up and away.

V just moved out after crashing my place for two weeks. As much as I'll miss his company (and home-cooked meals) (seriously), it's nice to have the flat all to myself again. Nothing is better than hanging out in your underwear when you get home.
On another note, I think I've officially started running again. (I say "I think", because I can never tell how long my resolutions will truly last.) My first two runs have been embarrassingly short, but alas, such are the consequences of smoking. Despite such pains, I'm just really happy to throw my running gear on again. They make my short excursions to the beach and around my neighborhood feel like such an outdoorsy adventure. 
There's something to be said about how liberating running shoes can be. As someone who typically wears flats or little wedged sandals on a daily basis, at times I am a bit resentful that female fashion limits the physical activity I can participate in at any given moment. With running shoes, you can run, dance and climb in places your dainty shoes would like to avoid.
Of course, I can still attempt to break out into a sprint no matter what I'm wearing. But the last time I spontaneously decided to play basketball in my boots, the heel broke. It was sad.
Perhaps it is time to invest in a nice pair of sneakers. 

All by my seeeeeeeelf.

Wishing everyone a pleasant Tuesday.
love, c.

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  1. dun wanna be.. allll byyyyy mahhhh seee-yee-eeeelf