Saturday, August 18, 2012

Having a hard time remembering where I left my heart.

Lately the weather has smelled so strongly of Japan that it physically feels wrong to be in California. The humidity combined with the general relax of summer has been rather painfully nostalgic; the disconnect between where I want to be and where I actually am tugging at the diaphragm area of my body. It is a discomfort that I don't know how to rid myself of.
Perhaps it is just time for a change of scenery.

Irvine fest 2012
In other news, Y is leaving for le France tomorrow! We had a nice little hurrah with him in Irvine over tokyo teas and several rounds of sake, and we ended the night with drunken sticky pics.
It is bittersweet to send him off, in part due to the fact that his departure mixes awkwardly with the rest of the haus' first steps into adulthood, life decisions, and on my part the dawdling of such milestones in life. But we are all simply making strides to grow, and I am eased by the fact that I, too, am moving forward in life despite delay. 
To Y: I think I can speak for the entire haus when I say that we wish you lots of adventures, thoughts and feelings. Personally, I can't wait until you feel the butterflies and surreality of being in a different country--that's one of my favorite moments of traveling. 
It's going to be lovely when we have a haus gathering in a year, just to enjoy the company of our ever-so-slightly matured selves. Hope you'll have some good stories.
See you in a bit, and don't have too many mimosas sans orange juice on the plane (:

love, c.

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  1. Love sticker pics and Love Getty pics from Japan!!! When I lived there many years ago, my friends and i would get ready and ride the trains to go take sticker pics. hahaha. middle school days for me!