Saturday, August 18, 2012

Only a bit of summer left, so...

Letting my summer time blues subside under the weight of one of my favorite vices. Cheers to all (:

A PSA I can agree with, via.
Wishing everyone a lovely Saturday night!
love, c.


  1. Caro,

    What's your favorite drink?

    1. horny devil by alesmith is my recent favorite (; but i also like porters!

    2. I do not know what any of that is. I don't drink alcohol :D However I do love coconut almond milk and chocolate soy milk!

      There's this place by my house that sells a delicious mocha. It's called a King George the Monkey. It's an iced mocha latte with a scoop of banana powder and peanut butter.

    3. chocolate soy milk is quite good (: have you tried green tea? it's kind of an acquired taste, but i'm a fan of anything green tea..
      i really want to try king george the monkey! i'm wondering how i can suggest that recipe at a cafe without sounding pretentious.

    4. Yeah I'm not a big fan of green tea. I like spearmint tea though! As for the cafe it's easy to get your suggestion across without sounding pretentious. What you do is this

      It's about the look in your eyes and the nervous hesitation.

  2. I tried a new Hef called Leinenkugels for the first time a couple weeks ago and it's my new favorite beer. (: