Thursday, September 6, 2012


It was nice to speak to Ce again, despite the fact that she tortured me with an in-depth discussion of how to meticulously maneuver your lips in order to seduce a man. That's what friends are for.
Sweden is much too far away.

Exhausted after practicing flirting tips with an "expert"
Speaking of which, the stronghaus girls encountered several Swedish men on chatroulette tonight. The connections that the interweb creates between people all over the world is truly amazing. Needless to say, technology certainly succeeded in communicating to us how strangers' penises felt in response to a room full of girls crowding the webcam.
In the midst of all the skin that we saw, however, there was a man kind enough to play us Serbian music on his accordion and a little number on his violin. This may be a bit dramatic, but in moments like this a tiny fraction of my faith in humanity is restored.

Now, off to bed for a couple of hours before my 8 a.m. lecture. Tears of joy.

Wishing everyone a lovely evening!
love, c.


  1. Chatroulette fest has made me all tuckered out. We talked to a wheelchair bound Australian guy for about an hour and played hangman with him!