Tuesday, November 13, 2012


I have spent the past few days watching RuPaul's Drag Race. Watching the show makes me feel foreign, yet kind of fuzzy and warm inside. In the show, everyone is just accepted the way they are, always. That one sentiment makes a world of a difference. RuPaul and the contestants are so nice to one another, and despite catty remarks it is clear they are good-hearted. The show has really made me question our society that ostracizes any human being that deviates from the ideal norm.
Those ladies do WORK. And I'm so happy that they found something that makes them truly happy and have decided to pursue it.
They're just a bunch of soulful people living it up, so why does anyone care to criticize that?

Anyway, I decided to put on all the makeup I have to see how much I could level with them.
I couldn't, at all. My makeup collection is much too small to accomplish even a percentage of the queens' beautiful looks.
I guess I know where a part of my next paycheck is going...

Now I just look like an azn club rat.

love, c.

Monday, November 12, 2012

I get flustered easily.

Today I received a love letter at work. Though this sounds like things can get potentially romantic, this story ends with a cold sweat and a knot in my throat, rather than butterflies in my stomach.

It reads:

Hi Carolyn, How would you like to
discuss Haruki Murakami's novels together? Over some tea.
Come 'on say "Yes!"
What do you have to lose?
It'll be fun to talk about
his writings
My #is (---) --------
           John PACKARD

It's clumsy, kind of cute. But in that moment I could only stare at the middle-aged man with frightened eyes. Really, John should know that peering into my face and whispering "Say yes! I like you!" as I ring you up at the register is incredibly creepy. Also, he should know that what I have to lose is my precious time. My time is fucking precious.

The worst of the Monday Blues is over. Happy Tuesday y'all!
love, c.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

I am alive + GPOY

My hair is growing, which is exciting and not at the same time. What do girls typically do with their hair? I feel like it has made my mornings a bit more complicated.
I haven't been feeling very inspired to write lately. Any moment I feel the urge to type is extremely fleeting, often distracted by a pending bed time. All I can manage to do at this point is to stay afloat in a sea of readings and work shifts. I'm exhausted, but once I can find a good balance between the two (a process which will most likely involve sacrificing a large portion of my time previously devoted to socializing) I will be feeling much better, I hope.

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On a happier note, the weather has become increasingly chilly, which warrants steamy hot chocolate and soups, tights and boots, scarves, and other cozy things that make the days so much more fun.

Happy Thursday, world!
love, c.