Monday, September 9, 2013

as i groove the night along to frank ocean

night falls.

I can basically feel my heart melt back to its 13 year-old form when I listen to older r&b. I'm just very glad I've grown to be critical of its ridiculousness.

I have painted my nails and purchased a pair of heels. This shouldn't be noteworthy, but it makes me feel a little "back in bidness" vibe coming on and I kind of enjoy that.

As part of our "fun foods" menu, mother and I made kimchi hot pot today. It was truly beautiful how its contents simmered in a sea of red, and its aroma sent me back to the pot time and again despite the slightly painful steam it emitted. Late night hunger warrants superfluous food descriptions I hope.

While I still have my moments of home sickness (haha), I'm glad to have come back to the bay. With that said, two weeks!!

The other night, I saw my parents as two individuals (outside of being my parents) so clearly that it almost felt surreal. It was the same moment that I learned my father speaks a dialect of Japanese that makes his comments sound accusatory and sometimes angry when he has no intention to do so. Ummm, wat. His dialect is very similar to "standard" spoken Japanese, so no one in the family noticed until recently. To think of all the arguments that we could have avoided if we discovered sooner. 

Thoughts and blog fragments that I'll get to later (maybe).

Good night, world.
love, c.

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